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J.S. Bach - 'Sleepers Wake'
(Cantata No: 140 - Sleepers wake (1731) 'Wachet auf, ruft uns die Stimme')
(Dan - Wertheim Piano and Cornish American Organ)
Arr.: Dan Burt, from J.S. Bach's arrangement of an earlier piece.
'I've Got a Lovely Bunch Of Cocoanuts'
(also recorded on 'A Little Bit of Cucumber' above.)
This time on Dr. Burt's One-Man-Band, for a Body Painting contest catwalk strut with the Band as the subject, Melbourne, 2011, by Kim.

Review - Dan Burt 'A Little Bit of Cucumber'

A mighty, marvelous, mirthful, musical masterpiece made mainly by a mustachioed musician in Macclesfield. . . . Dan also includes well known sing-a-long songs . . . I loved joining in on these tracks. Dan also plays two beaut barn dance tunes . . . They make you want to get up and 'trip the light fantastic'.

The comedy songs are what make this CD. The funniest track was 'So I Put on My Coat and Went Home' which deals with pugilism, dairying, spiritualism and the theatre. . . . I really enjoyed this CD . . .  I can recommend it. It is full of memories and takes you back to a bygone age.

NOTE: . . . I was only sent the first [CD] to review. Now I shall never know what is in Part 2 'The Hole in the Elephant's Bottom'. Maybe I should be grateful!

Review by John Williams (Trad & Now). Full version: T&N Website. (Thanks John, Dan)

'Merry Music-Hall Mayhem, For The Musically Minded Maniac Of Motley Melodies.'

Dan has recorded two albums as Companion CDs to date (2013)

'A Little Bit of Cucumber' & 'The Hole in the Elephant's Bottom'.

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'The Hole in the Wall'
A delightful 350 year old English dance tune. Known by the Dancing Master, John Playford. Published  in 'The English Dancing Master' 1651 onwards
Arr: Dan Burt. Chromatic Button accordions.

Dan plays Accordion and Piano - sings pretty good too!

Music-Hall and Comedy, Folk Songs and Dance Music, Sweet and Lovely tunes, Swing and Silly songs!

The Hole In The Elephants Bottom-Tracklist
  1. The Hole In The Elephants Bottom
  2. Abdul Abulbul Ameer
  3. He Played His Ukulele As The Ship Went Down
  4. Medley: Daisy/ Dickie Bird/ Apple Tree
  5. The Rose Of Allendale
  6. Silver Threads Among The Gold
  7. Waltzes: Nutley Waltz/ Princess Margaret's
  8. The Sailors Love
  9. The Old Sow
  10. The Old Dun Cow Caught Fire
  11. Goodnight, Ladies/ Show Me The Way To Go Home
A Little Bit Of Cucumber-Tracklist
  1. A Little Bit Of Cucumber
  2. It's A Great Big Shame
  3. What A Mouth!
  4. Medley: Seaside
  5. The Pretty Little Girl From Nowhere
  6. The Old Rustic Bridge By The Mill
  7. So I Put On My Coat And Went Home
  8. Hi Diddle Diddle
  9. Woodland Flowers Set
  10. I've Got a Lovely Bunch Of Cocoanuts
  11. What I Want Is A Proper Cup Of Coffee
  12. The Spaniard That Blighted My Life
  13. Medley: Any Old Cucumber, Henery?

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Dan has also recorded some other music, which he hopes to publish soon.